HR Professionals Job Description

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HR Professionals Job Profile and Description

If the person is competitive and efficient, an HR professional could become the most prized asset of a company. An HR professional basically is in charge of looking after the health of the backbone of the company. All companies need human resources to do whatever they do; the number of people working could be outnumbered by the number of machines in an office, but people are definitely needed. As an HR professional you would be taking care of those people. If you are good at your job, employment rates would be higher than retention rates and the employees would be more than happy to work for the company.

HR Professionals Job Duties and Responsibilities

  • You need to be mentor, a strict disciplinarian and a problem solver.
  • You would be expected to make sure that the employees are abiding by the rules laid down by the HR department and also that they are happy doing so. An unhappy person might follow rules, but would be on the lookout for opportunities that appeal to him more.
  • You need to make sure that the retention rates are high and attrition rates low.

HR Professionals Job Skills and Specifications

  • You need to have thorough knowledge of what’s acceptable and what’s not in your industry and also need to know your company’s rules and regulations, so you can train and guide other employees.

HR Professionals Job Education and Qualifications

  • If you want to be an HR manager, a management degree in human resources is essential. If you want to be an HR executive, you could go for a diploma in HR.
  • People management skills are essential if you want to become an HR manager some day.

HR Professionals Salary

Salary depends on the position, but a senior HR manager could draw around $35000 monthly.

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