HR Supervisor Job Description

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HR Supervisor Job Profile and Description

Working as an HR Supervisor means that you will be working with a team that is responsible for ensuring that company employees are well looked after. You will have some limited managerial duties that relate to recruiting and hiring. You might also be called upon to participate in performance management initiatives. The role will involve implementing the company sickness policy and other HR initiatives. Therefore an experienced HR professional is called to fill this post.

HR Supervisor Duties and Responsibilities

Some of the duties and responsibilities that are associated with the role of an HR Supervisor include:

1.       You will be responsible for hiring and firing HR assistants.

2.       You will provide day to day management of the HR team.

3.       The role means that you might be required to attend strategic meetings within the company.

4.       The job holder will play a role in preparing and presenting policy documents on behalf of the company.

HR Supervisor Skills and specifications

The skills that you will need as an HR Supervisor are as follows:

1.       You have to have to the ability to supervise a medium sized team.

2.       You should be a team player that is capable of communicating on different levels.

3.       The role calls for someone with some base knowledge of the HR industry.

4.       You need to possess the ability to secure confidential information.

HR Supervisor education and Qualification

A master degree in human resource management or a related field is required. If you have a diploma and relevant experience then you can be considered for the post. In addition you might require some management qualifications.

HR Supervisors Salary

The annual salary range for the role of an HR Supervisor is between $60,000 and $150,000 per annum. You will get additional allowances for supervising larger teams or teams with complex projects in hand. The remuneration also differs on the basis knowledge, experience, city, company, etc.

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