International HR Manager Job Description

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International HR Manager Profile and Description

Human Resource management isn’t limited to domestic operations. With world getting smaller, it has become a need for International HR Managers. The job of International HR Manager is to look after foreign operations of a company’s human resource department. A part of the job is to travel around the world which is an exciting prospect for many.

International HR Manager Duties and Responsibilities

  1. The primary job of an International HR Manager is to oversee operations in company’s different foreign offices.
  2. Frequent traveling might be required so you need to be ready to travel abroad when needed.
  3. Help a staff get placed who is returning after completing an overseas assignment. It is also your duty to see the staff is satisfied with what you provide.
  4. Help train and prepare a staff to work in a foreign country. Provide with the knowledge of the place and the culture.

International HR Manager Skills and specifications

  1. An International HR Manager should like to travel. The job usually involves lot of traveling.
  2. Preferably know multiple languages for better communication with overseas staff.
  3. Good man management skills to persuade the staffs who need to be sent abroad.
  4. Other general qualities that a good HR manager should possess.

International HR Manager education and Qualification

  1. The job of International HR Manager is open for holders of bachelor’s degree in HR or any business related field. Degree in HR gets preference.
  2. Ability to read, write and speak multiple languages.
  3. Understanding of different work cultures and different challenges they offer.
  4. Experience of at least 5 years of working in the HR Department.

International HR Manager Salary

  • The salary of an International HR Manager is on the higher side. The starting salary for the job is between $60,000- $90,000 annually.

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