Occupational Analyst Job Description

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Occupational Analyst Job Profile and Description

The Occupational or Job Analyst frequently researches industry trends in job classification and provides the framework for a company to define the jobs it needs to achieve business objectives but in line with industry standards. The analyst formalizes the occupational specifics of each position in the company so that they can form part of the corporate job standards for recruitment screening and acceptance criteria, performance metrics, compensation standards, and job progression career paths as it is defined for each position. The formal job description is also used to post the company’s vacancy needs to head hunters.

Occupational Analyst Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Formulate and recommend to the HR Manager the job questionnaire that line managers will accomplish in defining jobs directly under their supervision.
  2. Gather and evaluate detailed duties and responsibilities of new and existing jobs as defined by their direct superiors to prepare position descriptions for HR Head approval.
  3. Evaluate position in terms of educational background, experience and special skills as market demands for similar positions to determine correct and competitive compensation levels and benefits.
  4. Develop orientation materials, training content and materials for the position in coordination with direct superiors.
  5. Develop employment acceptance criteria and assessment tests, interview questions, applicant appraisal forms.
  6. Assist the HR Manager in developing job performance appraisal reviews in coordination with immediate superiors.

Occupational Analyst Skills and Specifications

  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills with interpersonal skills.
  • Should have computer proficiency in the use of word processing and spreadsheets to create documents, reports, analysis, presentations, etc.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills to deal with management staff in evaluating job descriptions and performance appraisals.

Occupational Analyst Education and Qualifications

  • A 4-year college degree in the social sciences and behavioral sciences as well as in Commerce, Business Management, Industrial Psychology or equivalent is basic
  • A one year experience in HR functions, preferably in job evaluation is an advantage

Occupational Analyst Salary

The average salary is $48000 annually. It also depends upon the knowledge and experience. The remuneration also depends on the size of the company and where it is located.

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