Recruiting Manager Job Description

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Recruiting Manager Job Profile and Description

The role of a Recruiting Manager involves HR and resource development aspects. You will need to construct and place adverts for various jobs within the company. In addition, also all the arrangements are required to schedule interviews and make decisions on the final recruitment. The role involves liaising with different managers who are looking for jobs as well as responding to inquiries from members of the public.

Recruiting Manager Duties and Responsibilities

The duties of a Recruiting Manager include:

1.       Writing down job descriptions and person specifications.

2.       Placing the adverts within the company bulletin and other media.

3.       Organizing a coherent response system for the public inquiries for recruitment.

4.       Maintaining a job register and updating it according to specifications from the managers.

Recruiting Manager Skills and specifications

The skills that are required of a Recruiting Manager are as follows:

1.       The manager should be well organized in order to manage large scale recruitment drives.

2.       Should possess good communication skills to deal with members of the public.

3.       The role means that you will be working as a member of the team and therefore you need to be an effective colleague.

4.       Confidentiality is a requirement in this sensitive post.

Recruiting Manager Education and Qualification

The educational requirements for a Recruiting Manager include a degree in HR management. You might get away with a diploma in related fields. In addition you should present tertiary certificates in personnel management. Individuals with experience might be considered for the role.

Recruiting Managers Salary

The salary for a Recruiting Manager is between $45,000 and $125,000 annually. The actual rate that is paid will largely depend on the size of the recruitment projects as well as the knowledge and experience that you can bring to the table.


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