Recruitment Director Job Profile and Description

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Recruitment Director Job Profile and Description

The hiring process is often centralized or its branch hiring manager reports to a Recruitment Director (RD) who reports directly to the HR Head and it depends on the size of a company’s staff members. Recruitment Directors manage a team of hiring managers who can be spread geographically among affiliates and branches or specialized to hire applicants in various departments. For example, Airlines have different hiring requirements for cabin crew, maintenance mechanics, catering ground staff, each one handled by a hiring officer or manager with the Recruitment Director providing a synergistic direction for the corporate hiring procedures.

Recruitment Director Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Recruitment Director implements the approved hiring policies and procedures across all the departments and affiliate offices.
  2. Supervise a team of interviewers, screening administrators and 3rd party head hunters to ensure they conform to their duties and responsibilities as contractually obligated.
  3. RD develops the plans and programs for cost effective hiring processes for the company.
  4. He has to present the capital and operating budgets of the office for approval.
  5. He also has to sync his requirements with the company’s website administrator to ensure that job application can be facilitated online through competent database alerts to the hiring managers.

Recruitment Director Skills and Specifications

  1. He must be aware of state and federal laws governing labor and employment practices very well.
  2. He should also possess excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
  3. He should also have outstanding organizational, leadership, supervisory and managerial skills as well as diplomatic tact and negotiation skills

Recruitment Director Education and Qualifications

A Master’s degree in HR majors is often basic to the position. A minimum of 10 years of experience in the HR administrative functions preferably in the hiring process.

Recruitment Director Salary

The annual average salary of a recruitment director varies wildly depending on the nature, size and location of the business as well the director’s knowledge, qualification and experience. Typically the salary is in line with those of functional heads ranging from $55,000 to a high of $90,000 annually.

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