SAP HR Associate Consultant Job Description

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SAP HR-Associate Consultant Profile and Description

SAP is German software that lets businesses perform better through a single point of contact system. Today almost all companies big and small have integrated SAP solutions into their businesses and this helps them allow different sections of the business to interact on a common platform and access a single or multiple processes from different parts of the office or country. HR on the other hand is a department that deals with the ways employees work within the organization. As a SAP HR associate, you’d have to be knowledgeable about both SAP and HR practices and procedures.

SAP HR-Associate Consultant Duties and Responsibilities

  1. You need to have knowledge of both SAP and human resource development and training and procedures.
  2. You need to make sure that the employees understand the need of Sap and also be able to use it to boost the overall performance of the company.

SAP HR-Associate Consultant Job Skills and Specifications

A thorough knowledge of different SAP products is necessary, how they operate and how they are useful for the company. You should also be knowledgeable about the prevailing HR practices and also the rules and regulations of your company so you can guide others.

SAP HR-Associate Consultant Job Education and Qualifications

  1. It goes without saying that you need to be SAP professional. A diploma in Sap and also some experience in the different modules are very necessary.
  2. Having a management degree in HR will give you an advantage.

SAP HR-Associate Consultant Salary

Sap HR professional could draw around $15000 per month. And it depends upon their experience and qualification.

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