SAP HR Freelance Trainer Job Description

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SAP HR Freelance Trainer Job Profile and Description

SAP stands for System Application and Process. They provide industry specific Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions. As a SAP HR Freelance Trainer, the objective is to train people in ERP modules so that efficiency and profitability of the company goes up.

SAP HR Freelance Trainer Job Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Being a SAP HR Freelance Trainer, the work is to provide training to different people of different organizations.
  2. Most companies now have integrated SAP solutions for better performance, but old employees are not expected to be aware of the software. So the job is to train them for using the new methods.
  3. Teaching could be difficult and challenging if you can’t put your hand on the pulse of the students. It’s important that you have training acumen and most importantly extra ordinary communication and interpersonal skills for exceeding in this job.

SAP HR Freelance Trainer Job Skills and Specifications

  1. Though it is a work of a freelancer, there is no need to maintain the HR records of people, but having an in depth understanding of HR functions is necessary and your training skills should reflect that.
  2. Apart from training, you might also be expected to provide consultation to different Personnel Executives on the SAP modules.

SAP HR Freelance Trainer Job Education and Qualifications

  1. Since this is freelance position, you’d not be pressed hard for degrees, but some might expect you to at least have a management degree in HR.
  2. Also there should be a certification of SAP/ERP professional in order to be able to fit the bill.

SAP HR Freelance Trainer Salary

This is a freelance position, so you can set your own price and earn. It’s just that the price should be commensurate with your experience and qualifications.

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