Staffing Manager Job Description

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Staffing Manager Job Profile and Description

Staffing manager is to ensure that company has the required number of staff members in the organization. During this era of competitive industry, the role of a Staffing Manager plays a critical function within the organization. It is his responsibility for running a register of new vacancies and removing the ones which are filled in there recruitment drives. In this role you will be working closely with the PERSONNEL manager and PERSONNEL director.

Staffing Manager Duties and Responsibilities

The duties and responsibilities of a Staffing Manager include:

1.       The major responsibility of staffing manager is to keep an updated record of employee numbers as well as vacancies that are waiting to be filled.

2.       In this role you will be expected to coordinate recruitment drives with the support of the PERSONNEL manager.

3.       You will be involved in liaising with line managers in terms of finding solutions to recruitment issues.

4.       The role might involve liaising with prospective employees who are interested in the jobs.

Staffing Manager Skills and specifications

The specifications and skills for a Staffing Manager are as follows:

1.       You need to be well versed with the procedures of PERSONNEL department.

2.       Should have the ability to work with team

3.       Good communication and interpersonal skills.

4.       Working in this role means that you have to pay attention to detail.

Staffing Manager Education and Qualification

An experienced professional, you will need to have a higher certificate in personnel management. The role of a Staffing Manager might benefit from someone with a related degree qualification.

Staffing Managers Salary

Your salary expectations as a Staffing Manager will range from $55,000 to $150,000 per annum. Time to time training will be provided to improve your ability to do the job. The role is often a stepping stone towards executive experience.


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