Volunteer Coordinator Job Description

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Job Profile and Description

A job profile for a person who is responsible for the recruiting and managing volunteers for working in a company and who helps them achieving the specific goals of that company. Usually the volunteers are those workers who willingly offer their services, usually for a non-profit organization, and work free of charge. Since volunteers are usually young people helping out along with their studies or other job, they must be coordinated properly so that the needs of the company are met. A volunteer coordinator may work for orphan children, elder people, hospitals, animal shelters, social service groups, environmental groups or during any event like an award show, sports tournament, etc.

Duties and Responsibilities of a Volunteer Coordinator

The main duties and responsibilities of a volunteer coordinator include:

  1. Recruiting the right people to work as volunteers for a particular kind of job by searching, identifying and interviewing them.
  2. Supporting the staff members in projects.
  3. Making the itinerary of the entire work and delegating different tasks to the subordinate volunteers.
  4. Arranging and managing the events, audience and distributing the jobs to the volunteers.
  5. Maintaining a continuous track of who is assigned to do which work and assisting them if required.
  6. Keeping the general staff aware of the work done by the volunteers.
  7. Managing all the resources and sticking to the budget.
  8. Keep motivating and encouraging the volunteers to remain focused in their work and do their best.

Skills and Specifications Required

The skills and specifications that are required of a volunteer coordinator include:

  1. Good management skills.
  2. Positive, enthusiastic attitude, team work ability and leadership qualities.
  3. Good communication and people skills.
  4. Knowledge about the goals and objectives of the company.
  5. Ability to give engaging presentations.
  6. Good networking and socializing skills.

Education and Qualification

The education and qualification requirements for a volunteer coordinator are as follows:

  • A degree or diploma in the related subject.
  • Basic training in accounting skills.
  • Basic knowledge of computers and MS Office for documentation and presentations.


On an average the annual salary for a volunteer coordinator is around $40,000-$45,000. For experienced volunteer coordinators it can be over $50,000 per year while entry level volunteer coordinators start with $20,000. Some volunteer coordinators prefer to work on an hourly basis and they can expect to get $15-$20 per hour. Among the states in United States, Philadelphia and Boston pay the highest salary to volunteer coordinators. Ideally school districts have a lot of use for volunteer coordinators and hence they get paid more here.

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