Insurance Examiner Job Description

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Insurance examiner Job Profile and Description

Insurance examiner work is to scrutinize the insurance claims and to suggest various ways to the client regarding closing or applying for an insurance policy, which would in turn benefit both the claimant and the insurance company. They are appointed by various insurance companies to review the policy holders and insurance agents who are selling a particular insurance coverage to them. Moreover, their job also involves examination and verification of the facts after the client files a case. They are responsible for approving or disapproving a claim and hence their job involves consultation with various people.

Insurance examiner Duties and Responsibilities

  • The insurance examiners are responsible for collecting all facts regarding a claim before conducting the final evaluation.
  • He is responsible for investigating the damage and loss and recommends the company about their duties towards the claimants.
  • His duty involves proper examination of various insurance polices and forms related to it.
  • His duty also involves negotiation of the claims settlements and helping in resolving any litigation by convincing the clients.
  • One of his important duties is to remain in contact with the sales agent so that they could directly investigate their work and can also assist them in explaining insurance policies to the claimants, if needed.
  • He is the person who is responsible for entering the correct data about the client in the system after thorough examination of the policies. Even he might have to make corrections or omission of already existing entries.

Insurance examiner Skills and Specifications

An insurance examiner must ascertain to possess following skills prior to acquiring this position.

  • Should possess investigative skill along with profound interest in research on the particular field of insurance.
  • He needs to have proficiency in certain computer skills that is essential for dealing with insurance related purposes.
  • One of the most counted skills in this field is excellent communication and interaction ability.

Insurance examiner Education and Qualifications

To acquire the position of an insurance examiner effectively, one needs to have following educational degrees and qualification.

  • Bachelor’s degree in Finance, accounting, risk management
  • Associate degree in policy management
  • On –job training on handling insurance policies gives an extra edge
  • Qualified in License examination

Insurance examiner Salary:

The salary of an insurance examiner generally depends upon the company with which he is associated. However, on an average it varies between $75k and $120k annually.

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