Agency Development Manager Job Description

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Agency Development Manager Job Profile and Description

An agency development manager could be employed in any agency or organization to look after the overall growth of the organization and to make sure that the organization grows according to the chalked path. However, the post of an agency development manager is usually associated with the insurance sector and you’d be required to recruit and train insurance advisors in order for them to achieve the business goals.

Agency Development Manager Job Duties and Responsibilities

  • As an agency development manager you’d have to spot talented insurance advisors and recruit them to sell the policies.
  • You’d have to liaise with the agency head or business mentor to make sure that all functioning is in place.
  • As an agency development manager you’d have to train the advisors and also go around making joint client calls to sell high value insurance policies. You might also need to organize road shows and other events to increase visibility of your products and sell them.
  • Apart from the leads provided by the advisors, you’d also have to generate leads to achieve company’s objectives.

Agency Development Manager Job Skills and Specifications

  • You’d have to be an excellent communicator in order to be able to communicate neatly with the insurance advisors.
  • Above everything else, you should be a good self motivated person and a good salesman in order to be able to sell the insurance policies or assist the advisors in selling them.

Agency Development Manager Job Education and Qualifications

In most cases a college degree should suffice, but in some cases the company might look for a management student. People from all backgrounds can actually become agency development managers, but some exposure to the insurance segment would definitely give you an extra edge.

Agency Development Manager Salary

For this job profile, the salaries can vary widely. If you have requisite experience and if you are a good performer you might get a good pay packet – something to the tune of $3500 – $7000 monthly. The good part of the job is that you get the opportunity to earn tremendous performance based bonuses and incentives.

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