Agriculture Chattel Insurance Appraiser Job Description

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Agriculture Chattel Insurance Appraiser Job Profile and Description

The job of an agricultural chattel appraiser is to appraise damages and process settlements. A thorough knowledge of agricultural practices and chattel is very essential. You also need to be able to able to correctly asses and estimate losses pertaining to agricultural chattel for this role. It is important that you have a good understanding of computers and are also able to document claim related matter properly.

Agriculture Chattel Insurance Appraiser Job Duties and Responsibilities

  • There are a lot of tricks that clients often resort to, to be able to get claims. You should be competent enough to spot fake claims.
  • Damage assessment is an integral part of the job and you should be able to document everything in a computerized environment.
  • An in depth knowledge of agricultural best practices, pollution issues etc. is required.

Agriculture Chattel Insurance Appraiser Job Skills and Specifications

  • Being an agricultural chattel insurance appraiser, you must be ready to do field trips to assess damage claims and prepare reports accordingly.
  • It is very important that you are able to make exact damage estimates, because at the end of the day it would depend on you, how much you let the claimant get away with. As a job holder it’s your responsibility to look into your company’s interest first and then your client’s. Precision is hence an absolute necessity.
  • Good communication skills

Agriculture Chattel Insurance Appraiser Job Education and Qualifications

The employers might not ask for anything beyond a high school diploma. Field exposure and experience is very essential in order to be able to fit the bill.

Agriculture Chattel Insurance Appraiser Analyst Salary

Salary and compensation could depend on experience and the company you work for, but it should be in the range of $3500 – $7000 monthly.

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