Aircraft Insurance Appraiser Job Description

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Aircraft Insurance Appraiser Job Profile and Description

As an aircraft insurance appraiser, you’d have to be able to proficiently handle all aircraft related claims. It goes without saying that some travel would be involved and you’d have to be an experienced workshop workman in order to be eligible for the job. It’s important that you understand the tips and tricks of insurance claims if you want to be considered for this role. You must be proficient with computers and be able to write an accurate computerized estimate.

Aircraft Insurance Appraiser Job Duties and Responsibilities

  • As an aircraft insurance appraiser, you must have the abilities to spot fake from original and correctly settle claims that are legitimate.
  • You must be able to identify and write damage properly and also document damage on paper, photograph and computer. It goes without saying that computer and camera proficiency is required.
  • You must be disciplined and have an in depth knowledge of DNA and updated client guidelines.

Aircraft Insurance Appraiser Job Skills and Specifications

  • An in depth understanding of aviation rules, policies and guidelines is an absolute necessity.
  • In this position you’d have to be able to make exact estimates of damages and in the process never go overboard. You should remember that you should first protect the interests of your employer and then the client. Adherence to appropriate guidelines is strictly essential.
  • Good communication skills

Aircraft Insurance Appraiser Job Education and Qualifications

A high school diploma should be sufficient. Field experience is an absolute necessity and should have workshop exposure.

Aircraft Insurance Appraiser Analyst Salary

Salary could vary from company to company, but would usually be on the higher side compared to a general insurance appraiser. You could expect to draw anywhere between $7000 to $10000 monthly.

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