Health Insurance Agent Job Description

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Health Insurance Agent Job Profile and Description

The basic job of a health insurance agent is to sell the insurance policy that suits best & provides maximum coverage to the customer. He also suggests at what time it will beneficial for customer to claim the money. Health insurance agent can work for more than one organization at the same time.

Duties and Responsibilities

An insurance agent is a person who represents the companies that provides the security or insurance to the people. Insurance can be of various types like life, health, business, vehicle etc.

  • A health insurance agent presents the health policies of a organization under which medical treatments, accidents or injuries are covered. This insurance helps at the time of emergency when lump sum money is required immediately.
  • An insurance agent is responsible to provide and submit the application form of the customer.
  • He also maintains the records of the policies, giving reminders about the payment of premium and helps a customer to settle the insurance claims in case of loss.
  • An insurance agent is also responsible to search for new customers who may need the health insurance.
  • The main duty of an agent is to revive the lapsed policy for a customer.

Skills and Specifications

  • Good written and verbal communication skill is the most important skill of an agent.
  • He should have strong negotiation & selling power.
  • An insurance agent is required to have good mathematical skill.
  • Only a hardworking insurance agent can create big network which helps in achieving success.
  • He must be able to meet the given targets and deadlines on time.

Education and Qualifications

There are no specific degree programs that are offered for this field. But there are institutes that offer diploma courses for the same. To get better positions and an extra edge in this field an individual can get the bachelor degree in any stream like finance, sales or business administration.

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