Health Insurance Counselor Job Description

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Health Insurance Counselor Job Profile and Description

Every health insurance organization needs one or more health insurance counselors and the job as the name suggest revolves around counseling people and customers on the nuances of health insurance policies. You’d be expected to talk to customers who are interested in buying health insurance from your organization and you need to give them advice as to which one would be the best option for them, which one would be appropriate and what are the rules that they need to follow. You’d also be required to talk to existing customers and resolve all queries pertaining to health insurance plans that they bought.

Health Insurance Counselor Job Duties and Responsibilities

  • As a health insurance counselor you’d have to counsel senior citizens on the benefits that they can avail form the different schemes available with your health insurance organization.
  • You’d be reporting to the branch manager or the health insurance manager the daily activities that you do.
  • A big part of the job is going out for field work and addressing queries that new or old customers might have pertaining to health insurance plans.

Health Insurance Counselor Job Skills and Specifications

  • You’d have to have excellent communication skills in order to be able to resolve queries that your customers might have and also explain different schemes and health insurance rules to the customers.
  • You need to be able to do some selling as well. Customers would get interested in your health insurance plans once they get convinced with the ideas and thoughts that you explain to them.

Health Insurance Counselor Job Education and Qualifications

  • Most health insurance companies would settle for a high school diploma as long as you have a silver tongue and problem solving abilities.
  • A degree in management would be an extra edge as that would give you an extra edge over other candidates.

Health Insurance Counselor Manager Salary

  • Some companies would want you to work on a salary system and some would want to work on incentives or commissions. The exact pay packet could vary from organization to organization, but it could be anywhere between $2000 – $3000 per monthly.

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