Health Insurance Underwriter Job Description

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Health Insurance Underwriter Job Profile and Description

A health insurance underwriter is a person who determines the insurance risk based on the guidelines of the company providing insurance. He reviews the application forms submitted by the clients and then rechecks and evaluates the information to know that the information given is genuine. He determines the price and the risk and then checks the company’s portfolio if it is working correctly or not. He is the one who decides the insurance premium by breaking down the claims and book rates of the insurance company.

Duties and Responsibilities

There are many duties and responsibilities that are to be handled by a health insurance underwriter. These include the following:-

  • Accepting or rejecting application based on the insurance coverage.
  • Determines the premium that is to be paid by the client depending upon the risks involved.
  • Prepares quotations for the insurance agents.
  • Helping agents in how to respond to the clients.
  • An underwriter should write good policies. He should not be too liberal or stingy otherwise the insurance company sometimes might have to pay excessive premiums or sometimes it may lose customers.

Skills and Specifications

  • A health insurance underwriter should have decision making skills.
  • He should have good judgment and business qualities.
  • He needs to have good written and verbal communications skills as he is responsible for making the industry understand about the benefits and the results associated with the policies of their company.
  • He should also have good computer skills related to spreadsheets and database systems.
  • He should have an eye for details and perfection.

Education and Qualifications

A health insurance underwriter must have a bachelor’s degree in any major but the ones with accounts and finance fields are given preference. He should have minimum of two years of experience in the insurance industry. They start as trainees before becoming health insurance underwriters.

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