Insurance Adjuster Job Description

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Insurance adjuster Job Profile and Description

The insurance adjuster has to find out, analyze, and determine the extent of insurance organization’s liability with reference to personal, casualty, property loss or damages, and attempts to make a settlement with claimants. He analyzes the information and makes and recommendations before the organization makes a final assessment of the amount of damage done to the personal property.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • The insurance adjuster must look through all the facts in a case before making a final assessment on the claims
  • He investigates the damage to the property and informs the organization about their responsibility towards the customer
  • He also has to file reports on his findings
  • He studies the claims form and other records to determine insurance coverage
  • He negotiates claim settlements and recommends litigation when settlement cannot be negotiated with the customer
  • He also tries to convince the customer not to go for litigation and accept the insurance amount as these things are expensive for both the customer and the organization
  • He also needs to be in contact with the insurance agent who sold the policy and at times have the agent be present when the policy is explained to the claimant
  • He is responsible for the correction of any errors or omissions to the claimant’s case
  • He must make sure that all the data have been entered correctly into the system

Skills and Specifications

  • The insurance adjuster must have required knowledge of computers for data entry and other tasks
  • He must have good research skills
  • He needs to have excellent written and verbal communication and negotiations skills

Education and Qualifications

Those interested in this field can go for a background in commerce with specialization in the field of finance, sales, accounting. Or an ordinary bachelor’s degree is also accepted as long you have the required knowledge and skills.

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