Insurance Business Analyst Job Description

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Insurance Business Analyst Job Profile and Description

There are many diverse departments in an insurance office and the insurance business analyst is basically supposed to act as a bridge between these departments – mainly between the information systems department and other departments. As an insurance business analyst you’d be expected to remain informed about the latest trends in the insurance industry and also know how these changes could impact the functioning of various departments within g the company.

Insurance Business Analyst Job Duties and Responsibilities

  • The role of an insurance business analyst is basically that of a researcher and he’s supposed to be the knowledge center head for the concerned department he’s working with.
  • You’d have to do financial and trend analysis, reporting and handle project management functions.
  • Many companies have separate trainers to train existing and new staff, but as a researcher you might also be asked to train people on the latest industry trends and functions.

Insurance Business Analyst Job Skills and Specifications

  • There are actually various types of insurance business analysts. If your experience and qualifications are related to technical aspect of things, you’d be expected to handle just that and ensure proper functioning of the tech department.
  • If you are more into industry trend analysis and project management, you’d have to make sure that this department performs flawlessly.

Insurance Business Analyst Job Education and Qualifications

  • In most cases an entry level insurance business analyst would need to have a college degree in order to fit the bill. If you have a degree in finance or financial management, then you have better chances of beating out competition.
  • A certification from the International Institute of Business Analysts would definitely give you an added advantage over uncertified candidates.

Insurance Business Analyst Salary

  • If you are good enough in your job and your employers know that, you wouldn’t have trouble getting a good pay. Apart from performance incentives, you could look to draw anywhere between $50,000 to $120,000 annually.

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