Insurance Company Representative Job Description

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Insurance Company Representative Job Profile and Description

As an Insurance Company Representative you will be expected to market some of the products that are part of the company portfolio. You will set up and manage client liaison meetings. The role might call for presentations that relate to the product lists as well as explaining different technical matters to the clients. This is a dynamic role that is at the heart of the insurance industry.

Insurance Company Representative Duties and Responsibilities

Your responsibilities as an Insurance Company Representative will include the following aspects:

1.       The post holder will need to identify potential marketing opportunities.

2.       The role requires you to implement marketing strategies.

3.       You might be called upon to do door-to-door sales.

4.       You will need to coordinate your activities with various departments.

5.       You should follow up prospective sales right up to the feedback stage.

6.       You will need to prepare regular reports for the sales manager.

Insurance Company Representative Skills and specifications

Some of the skills that you will need as an Insurance Company Representative are as follows:

1.       You need to have the knack for selling intangible items.

2.       You should have excellent communication skills and exceptional convincing power.

3.       You should be smart and present your pitch in a professional manner.

4.       You have to be able to work as a member of a big and diverse team.

5.       You should have the means to travel in your work.

Insurance Company Representative Education and Qualification

You need not have higher qualifications for the role of an Insurance Company Representative. However a secondary school certificate will be useful. You might even benefit from industry based qualifications such as market.

Insurance Company Representatives Salary

The salary range for an Insurance Company Representative is based on performance. Generally speaking you should expect a salary range of $75k to $175k depending on your performance.

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