Insurance Executive Job Description

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Insurance executive Job Profile and Description

The insurance business is a billion-dollar business and it is expanding more than ever before. There are various job opportunities in this field: While sales agents mainly work on the field, insurance executives consist of managerial positions and take part in the planning and strategizing process.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • An insurance executive is primarily responsible for retaining and servicing the company’s insurance business to the existing clients.
  • Insurance executives should be knowledgeable about all the different processes of organizing and coordinating projects, meeting deadlines and targets
  • He should be aware of the budget and make sure profit targets are met
  • He has to see if the company is following the government rules and regulations and has to look after project management, mergers and acquisitions
  • He has to visit clients to guide and advise them on their insurance requirements
  • He has to cater to the client’s needs by designing appropriate solutions and maintaining effective credit control procedures
  • He has to supervise the overall quality of work and support his team with technical and market information
  • He must be up to date with technical, legal and market developments and assess their impact on the industry and his clients

Skills and Specifications

  • An insurance executive should be a shrewd planner and have knowledge of strategic planning, budgeting, administration etc
  • He must have good leadership skills and should be able to motivate his team
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills are important to make his point and interact with customers
  • He must be analytical and make informed decisions
  • He must be organized and plan his work well in advance.

Education and Qualifications

Minimum qualifications of at least a bachelor’s degree in marketing, finance or advertising is essential. There are also some private courses available which will give you on the job training in this field.

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