Insurance Policy Processing Clerk Job Description

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Insurance Policy Processing Clerk Job Profile and Description

An insurance policy processing clerk is engaged with the clerical part of the insurance jobs which may not require an inflated career resume but one has to be trained to handle the job in which he has to process the insurance applications and inform the higher officials about the cancellations and replacements in the insurance policies. He has to make sure that the execution of policies is done legally and rightfully through continuous surveys of the data and documents. He also has to compile and renew lapsed insurance policies on customers’ request and validate such requests on the basis of company records, the accuracy of which is again established by him.

Insurance Policy Processing Clerk Duties and Responsibilities

The main core of the duties and responsibilities lie in the following:

  • Process requests of modification, change and update of policy structure or content
  • Record incoming requests from new customers and first-time clients
  • Examine personal data and confirm them through verification of associated documents
  • Handle customer complaints and handle letters recommending changes to policies
  • Maintain and update customers on the newest changes and correspond with them about their individual account status
  • Collect, organize and maintain the files in proper locations of the office
  • Prepare government forms and liaise with the government officials on policies and legal issues
  • Obtain receipts and bills of premium and payment

Insurance Policy Processing Clerk Skills and Specifications

The following are included in the skill requirements of the job:

  • Attention and active listening in order to listen to the clients and their problems well
  • Verbal skills enhance one’s ability to talk and communicate policies and changes
  • Reading and oral comprehension helps in understanding written and verbal language and their underlying connotation
  • Critical thinking works in favor of applying logic, deductive and inductive reasoning
  • Time management skill supports efficient utilization of time
  • Computer skills for managing soft copies of information

Insurance Policy Processing Clerk Education and Qualifications

The educational qualifications can be summed up in:

  • Bachelor of Commerce or any other field
  • Certification in Insurance policy management programs
  • Qualification acquired through Insurance Clerkship Examination
  • Apprenticeship program certificate

Insurance Policy Processing Clerk Salary

The average salary of insurance clerks is settled at $40,000 per year which varies according to years of experience and scale of the insurance company.

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