Insurance Sales Agent Job Description

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Insurance Sales Agent Job Profile and Description

The insurance sales agent plays a pivotal role of an inter mediator between an insurance company and the clients. The insurance sales agents can work independently representing insurance policies of various companies or appointed by a single company for enhancing their insurance product sales. Their job is to find out the right insurance coverage for their clients at an affordable price. They are generally proficient in dealing with every kind of insurance policies and have a wide knowledge on the same. However, they must possess strong ability to simplify the benefits of an insurance policy effectively to their client as this would also, in turn, help to increase the sale of the company with which they are associated.

Insurance Sales Agent Duties and Responsibilities:

Insurance sales agent has the following duties and responsibilities to accomplish the job.

  • Should discuss the quotes of an insurance policy effectively with the client along with describing them the benefits of the particular insurance extensively.
  • He is supposed to contact with the concern insurance company for making the claim during a loss of the client.
  • His duties involve supervision of all the accounts that is to be credited correctly with the collected premiums.
  • Enhancing the sales of the company is one of the essential duties that are needed to be fulfilled by him.
  • In order to reconcile the revenues, the commission and premiums record has to be kept by him.

Insurance Sales Agent Skills and Specifications

Insurance sales agent should essentially possess certain skills and specifications in order to deliver high performance in the job.

  • Should have strong communication ability in order to present details of an insurance coverage effectively.
  • Must have the capability to handle huge monetary transaction through effective strategies.
  • Must have the ability to acquire adequate knowledge about the latest insurance policies in the market.
  • Should possess strong computer knowledge for delivering timely services

Insurance Sales Agent Education and Qualifications

An insurance sales agent must possess following educational degrees and qualification to excel in this field.

  • A bachelor’s degree in Commerce.
  • Work experience in insurance sales is obligatory
  • Producer license for working as an agent on the particular business

Insurance Sales Agent Salary

The average salary of an insurance sales agent is around $55,000 annually. However, sometimes remuneration also depends upon the number of sales and incentives are given on achieving targets.

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