Insurance Sales Development Manager Job Description

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Insurance Sales Development Manager Job Profile and Description

As the job title suggests, an insurance sales development manager is supposed to take care of the sales proceedings of an insurance company or agency. This is a managerial position and you’d be expected to talk, train and also recruit self motivated sales agents on a commission or salary basis to promote insurance policies and achieve monthly targets. You’d be responsible for profits and need to take appropriate steps to make sure that the cash registers never stop rolling. You might also have a role to play in insurance claims and settlements.

Insurance Sales Development Manager Job Duties and Responsibilities

  • You’d have to recruit and train sales agents and also liaise with the branch head for different insurance operations.
  • You would have to go out in the field with the sales agents to make joint calls in order to crack the tough nuts out there and achieve monthly sales budgets.
  • Most companies don’t require a person in this position to look after the claims and settlement issues, but some might consider it a part of the job.

Insurance Sales Development Manager Job Skills and Specifications

  • Communications skills should be excellent to be the best in the industry, because you’d have to be able to not only sell your policies, but also motivate the field staff to function efficiently.
  • You’d have to have an eye for detail and be able to sell your policies in a way that the customer feels its tailor made for them.

Insurance Sales Development Manager Job Education and Qualifications

You might not require a management degree in order to be eligible for the job, but having that would definitely give you an added advantage. A degree in finance and fair understanding of computers is required in most cases.

Insurance Sales Development Manager Analyst Salary

Salaries depend on experience, performance and if you have a good track record you could draw around $7500 – $10k monthly, apart from incentives.

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