Life Insurance Agents Job Description

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Life Insurance Agents Job Profile and Description

Life insurance agents represent the life insurance companies. In simple words, Life insurance policy covers the life of a person and after his death the policy amount will be given to the nominee or the family member. Job profile of a life insurance agent basically involves interviewing customers so that he can calculate his financial status and offers the best suited plan which not only covers the higher risk but also gives a tax benefit. He is required to judge the customer needs. A life insurance agent can also sell the annuity that can be used for income purpose after retirement.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • The main duty of a life insurance agent is to make new clients.
  • He is required to provide the information about the changes made in the policy, sending reminders for making payment for premium.
  • He is also required to maintain the records for policy renewals and making presentation of new policies.
  • A life insurance agent monitor’s the insurance claim to maintain good relationship between the company and the client.
  • He also explains the advantages or disadvantages of various plans to promote the sale of insurance policy.
  • An agent is supposed to fill and submit the forms also.

Skills and Specifications

  • A life insurance agent should be able to communicate well with the clients on telephone or personally.
  • He is required to motivate other agent and maintain good network to attract new clients.
  • Should have good communication skills.
  • An agent should have the computer knowledge also.
  • Should be decisive in nature to help him in guiding the client.

Education and Qualifications

A bachelor degree courses in finance, sales or business administration is sufficient to become insurance agent. But to become a licensed life insurance agent from the state series of qualification papers are required to be passed.

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