Medical Insurance Representative Job Description

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Medical Insurance Representative Job Profile and Description

Working as a Medical Insurance Representative means that you will be selling this unique product. You will have to meet client groups and discuss entry criteria with them. The role involves some contractual duties which will have significance in case there is a claim on the policy. You will need to ensure that you undertake your duties according to the prevailing rules and regulations.

Medical Insurance Representative Duties and Responsibilities

Your responsibilities as a Medical Insurance Representative include the following items:

1.       You will need to participate in the implementation of the insurance marketing strategy.

2.       You will have to contact prospective clients and set up meetings in order to discuss their requirements.

3.       The role involves following up prospective projects with clear research protocols in order to ensure that you get a good reading on the different marketing policies.

4.       You will need to liaise with other senior executives in terms of implementing the marketing strategy.

Medical Insurance Representative Skills and specifications

The skills and specifications for a Medical Insurance Representative are as follows:

1.       You have to have an understanding of the medical insurance marketing niche.

2.       You need to have good communication skills and the ability to work in a team.

3.       You have to pay attention to detail because the contractual obligations are very specific.

Medical Insurance Representative Education and Qualification

You need a general insurance marketing qualification from a recognized institution. A degree or certificate in general marketing will give an edge. There is no requirement for formal medical qualifications for this job.

Medical Insurance Representatives Salary

A performance bonus will be part of the salary scheme. On average you can expect to be paid in the range of $90k to $150k annually depending on the marketing projects that you are handling.

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