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CAD Technician Job Profile & Description

A CAD Technician performs a wide variety of drafting duties that utilize Computer-Aided Design/Drafting (CAD) in developing engineering, graphical, architectural and drafting designs. A CAD Technician prepares preliminary drafts of projects, determines its feasibility, applications, and generates accurate and detailed records of engineering data. The technician will always be expected to exercise extensive judgment and initiative in the executing his responsibilities.

Responsibilities and Duties

  1. Performs drafting operations for the determination of project plans and collects data for Project designs.
  2. Plans complex drawings for Engineering Projects
  3. Develops and drafts engineering drawings and plans, drafts contract documents and generates correspondence for clients and managers
  4. Maintains dynamic communication with contractors, clients, engineers and the general public for any architectural, engineering or construction issues
  5. Performs fieldwork, documentation, research and drafting tasks of engineering data as requested by clients or managers
  6. Performs regular computer software and AutoCAD maintenance, upgrading and troubleshooting
  7. Maintains up to date working and technical knowledge of all procedural and improvement changes to computer hardware and software applications

Other duties

  • Performs a range of special projects related to design as per requirement.

Skills and specifications

  • Ability to fully understand and follow highly complex oral and written instructions
  • Skills to operate basic office equipment like printers, computer terminals, facsimile machines, copy machines and telephone systems
  • Ability to operate, access, and maintain diverse software applications

Minimum training and experience

  1. Bachelors degree in designing or related field
  2. AutoCAD Certification
  3. Knowledge of graphic designing is very essential
  4. Works as they relate to CAD drafting.
  5. Skill in updating, maintaining, operating and evaluating all AutoCAD software and related equipment
  6. Use of Microsoft Access, Word, and Excel
  7. Proficiency in the use of Internet browsers and email

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