Computer Animation Job description

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Computer Animation Job Profile & Description

An animator produces multiple image frames then sequences them together rapidly, to create an illusion of movement on the screen. This is animation. Animators work in 3D model making animation, 2D animation, or computer-generated animation. These are presented in advertisements, films, and in aspects of television work, the computer games industry and the Internet.

Responsibilities and Duties

  • Liaise with clients, advice them accordingly and develop animation from their concepts
  • Create storyboards that depict the narrative and script
  • Draw in 2D to create sketches, illustrations or artwork
  • Design models, sets, backgrounds, objects, characters and the animation environment using modeling materials such as plaster, modeling clay, oil paints, acrylics and watercolors
  • Develop the timing and pace of an object’s or a character’s movements in the animation and ensure they follow the audio and soundtrack requirements
  • Use technical software packages, to build detailed, accurate frame-by-frame visuals
  • Record dialogue and work with editors to compose various layers of animation sounds, backgrounds, characters, special effects and graphics to produce the finished piece
  • Meeting clients’ commercial requirements and meeting production deadlines

Skills and specifications

  • Passion for art and designing
  • Creative thinking and an open mind to think out of box
  • Ability to draw and good storytelling skills
  • Good sense of pacing and timing
  • Ability to fit and work well with team members or as an individual
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills and inter- personal skills

Education and Qualifications

  • A minimum college diploma in graphic and multimedia design or related field
  • Sound knowledge of Art and English/target language
  • Proficiency in common animation packages e.g. 3d studio max, Flash, Maya, Softimage, Lightwave and Cinema 4D

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