Computer Networking Job description

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Computer Networking Job Profile & Description

Computer network technicians helps to set up and maintain computer networks in a organization. Networks link desktop computers and other technology equipments to allow users to share computer application files and data, send electronic mail (e-mail) and connect to the Internet. There is a high demand for skilled computer network technicians as more institutions establish computer networks.

Job Responsibilities and Duties

  1. Knowing current terminology and standards used in local area networks and wide area networks.
  2. Making plan and implement the employers’ computer networks
  3. Administering existing networks and troubleshooting problems as they occur
  4. Analyzing needs and costs of a client or employer in networking and then selecting the suitable media (e.g., coaxial cable, twisted-pair copper wire, wireless, fiber-optic cable)
  5. Designing and following administrative plans to address specific needs such as security and account management
  6. Resolving conflicts among different hardware used in a network
  7. Configuring, Installing, and troubleshooting network adapters
  8. Recommending various network layouts and configurations, finding most suitable network addressing systems and appropriate connection devices
  9. Troubleshooting and administering a network setup by resolving and documenting network problems
  10. Identifying common computer network problems and rectifying them
  11. Setting up and designing and implementing networks
  12. Designing and implementing disaster recovering plans for varying situations if the network fails, malfunctions or is compromised

Skills and specifications

  • Mastery of necessary network and operating system software including Windows, Unix, Netware and Novell is very essential
  • Knowledge on basic computer network layout and architecture e.g. client to server and peer-to-peer
  • Ability and patience to weave complex wires and cables

Education and Qualifications

A College diploma in Computer engineering, Computer science, IT or computer networking or related field.

A Certified network administrator

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