Computer operator Job description

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Computer operator Job Profile & Description

A computer operator controls and monitors a computer and peripheral data processing devices to process scientific, business, engineering and other data types. The operator enters commands at a computer terminal, sets controls on the computer and peripheral devices then monitors and responds to operating and error messages.

Responsibilities and Duties

  • Clear office equipment at end of operations and review schedule to facilitate next assignment.
  • Record computer information such as problems that occurred, operating time and actions.
  • Load peripheral equipment in use with selected materials for operation and oversee operations
  • Determine the tools and equipment required to do a job and making necessary requisitions
  • Enter commands into a computer terminal and activate controls on peripheral equipment and computer to operate the equipment
  • Monitor the system continuously for equipment failure or errors in performance.
  • Type commands and transfer encoded data into the computer storage for further use

Skills and specifications

  • Understanding written words, short hand codes and sentences in work related documents
  • Monitoring and assessing personal performance and other individuals or organizations to take corrective action or make improvements or.


  • Ability to sort items or actions in a defined order or pattern depending defined set of rules for instance letters, patterns of numbers, pictures, words, mathematical operations.

Education and Qualifications

  • Minimum college or university diploma in IT, computer science or related field
  • Knowledge of processors, circuit boards, chips, computer hardware and software, including programming and applications.
  • Knowledge in clerical and administrative procedures
  • Certification in MS Office packages (PowerPoint, Word, Access and Excel) is very helpful
  • Proficiency in English language is essential

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