Computer Science Job description

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Computer Science Job Profile & Description

Computer science is a wide field that requires people with varying talents and areas of specialization. Computer scientists work as researchers, theorists or inventors. Their jobs require specialized expertise and range from theoretical to complex hardware design to programming-language design.

Responsibilities and Duties

  1. Collecting research data and undertaking any appropriate analysis as required
  2. Making researched and original contributions to research programs
  3. Keeping accurate written and computerized records, maintaining appropriate databases and ensuring the security of data and information
  4. Keeping up-to-date with subjects related to new developments in the computer industry
  5. Coordinating the provision of IT infrastructure in the company
  6. Liaising with suppliers, auditing stock and preparing regular orders for commonly used items
  7. Storing, managing and extracting data effectively
  8. Working with database management systems software and determining ways to organize and store data.
  9. Planning and coordinating security measures with network administrators.
  10. Designing, testing and evaluating systems such as LANs (local area networks), intranets, WANs (wide area networks), the Internet and other communications systems
  11. Performing network modeling, analysis, and planning, often requiring both hardware and software solutions
  12. Researching on computer related products and making necessary hardware and software recommendations.
  13. Designing data and voice communication systems, supervising the installation of these systems and providing maintenance and other necessary services to clients once the systems are installed and are in operation
  14. Responsible for the technical aspects of the IT system including performance issues such as speed of access and approving the content of web sites.

Education and Qualifications

Minimum: B.Sc. in Computer engineering, computer science or a related field

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