Computer Technician Job description

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Computer Technician Job Profile & Description

A computer technician is responsible for general maintenance of computers and its other equipment and for the resolving identified technical problems. The technician is expected to undertake general tasks which will promote seamless use of IT infrastructure in a work environment.

Responsibilities and Duties


  • Making software available to appropriate users
  • Installing and testing and upgrading new software from time to time
  • Ensuring the anti-virus software is installed, properly configured, regularly updated and working properly on all PC and server stations
  • Distributing files as required for staff use
  • Maintaining servers and network hardware


  • Receiving and setting up hardware.
  • Diagnosing and troubleshooting hardware failures
  • Checking new computer equipment and installing as par requirements.
  • Liaising with external support agencies to resolve faults speedily
  • Liaising with the designated personnel responsible for keeping the inventory
  • Maintaining computer peripheral equipment e.g. printers, scanners, projectors and whiteboards
  • Maintaining wired and wireless networks, desktop and server computers
  • Providing technical support for hardware and software issues in the office
  • Setting up and maintaining backup system for file servers and in-office desktop computers

Network Management

  • Checking the network back up logs where appropriate
  • Carrying out routine network maintenance tasks
  • Setting up, maintaining and removing user network accounts where necessary

Personal Qualities

  • Ability to work on his own initiative
  • Demonstrate problem-solving strategies and practical knowledge
  • High quality inter-personal skills and communication skills

Education and Qualifications

  • Minimum college advanced diploma in Computer Science or related field with emphasis on hardware is a must
  • Familiarity with the network infrastructure (switches, cable and patch panels, OCN router hubs,)
  • Knowledge to operate major office equipments.

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