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Email job profile and description

The email reading job is a new age online job, which entails marketing through email. It is a creative job and requires more skills and innovation than education and qualifications. There is no fixed timing for the job. It can be done from home and at your leisure. All you have to do write attractive email messages describing the virtues of a product and send it to a number of email ids.

Email job duties and responsibilities

The main duty of an email job holder is to sell products via emails. The duties and responsibilities of this job are:

  • Selling the goods and services, which a person has to offer or those of the company with which, he is an affiliate
  • Writing error free and eye catching emails, which will tempt and convince the reader to buy the product
  • Gathering email addresses and mailing emails to all
  • Use various internet tools to improve the efficiency of the email
  • Meet sales target, if any, of the affiliate parent company

Email jobs skills and specifications

Email jobs are skill centric. They need creativity and talent. The skill set needed for email jobs is:

  • Good knowledge of language in which the email is supposed to be sent
  • Excellent writing skills, with special focus on sales writing
  • Ability to grasp the pulse of the customers and write advertising emails accordingly
  • Sound knowledge of internet applications in order to search for email addresses
  • Ability to interpret the numerical performance reports of the emails and plan future actions
  • Good knowledge about promotions and sales
  • Ability of optimize the use of internet tools and services to take the email campaign forward

Email jobs educations and qualifications

There is no particular qualification required for emails jobs. The person needs to have very strong internet skills and a sound knowledge of sales and marketing. Good knowledge of English language or the target language.

Email jobs salary

There is no set salary for email jobs as the income depends on how well the emails succeed in increasing the sale of goods and services. Generally the salary varies $800 to $1200 per month.

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