Internet Content & Image Analyst Job Description

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Internet Content & Image Analyst Job Profile and Description

The internet is the biggest market place of all and you need to have good promotional strategies to be able to make your presence felt on the internet and also succeed in your business. Promotion is definitely important, but if your site does not have sufficient and good content then even the best strategies would fail to make the business a success. A strategy would bring website visitors, but good content and images would make them stick around and buy stuff from the site and keep coming back. As an internet content and image analyst you’d be responsible for making sure that the content and images on your site at par with the expectations of the users.

Internet Content & Image Analyst Job Duties and Responsibilities

  • You should be able to sort out the good from the chaff and then approve them for posting on a site for the users to see.
  • It is important for you to be able to understand the user demographics for a particular niche, else you would not know what to keep and what to reject. Try stepping into the shoes of a surfer and decide for yourself what you’d like to see on a site. Keep that and trash the rest.

Internet Content & Image Analyst Job Skills and Specifications

  • Excellent communication skills are required and also good editing skills are essential.
  • A sense of aesthetics would be of help, but not essential as long as you know what content to keep on your site.

Internet Content & Image Analyst Job Education and Qualifications

  • This is more of a technical position and a degree or diploma in design or content management would be required.
  • You need to have a long experience analyzing user demographic data to be eligible for this position.

Internet Content & Image Analyst Manager Salary

If you are good at the job, you can ask your own price. It shouldn’t however be less than $4500 monthly.

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