Internet Product Manager Job Description

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Internet Product Manager Job Profile and Description

It’s not unknown to us that the word of the day is “web” and there’s hardly any standard organization or business out there who doesn’t aspire to have online presence…most of them are already there on the web space. As an internet product manager you’d be responsible for creating and implementing promotional strategies of your product. You should keep in mind that the internet is the biggest market of all and if you don’t have the requisite skills to make your organization stand out from the crowd the business would fall flat in no time.

Internet Product Manager Job Duties and Responsibilities

  • Internet products range from informational content to tangible products to movies; absolutely anything one could require. As a product manager you’d have to understand the tricks to sell varied range of products.
  • It is necessary for you to understand that the search engines do not naturally give a particular site preference in search results, until of course you the number one site in your segment. The challenge lies just there. You’d have to know the techniques to manipulate search results and divert the traffic to your web site and also keep them interested in your strategies so they keep coming back for more.

Internet Product Manager Job Skills and Specifications

  • You should have excellent communication skills and also need to be able to understand the pulse of internet users instantly.
  • You should able to maintain a record of what strategies bring what results. This would help design future campaigns.

Internet Product Manager Job Education and Qualifications

  • A college degree should suffice, but a management degree would strengthen your candidature.
  • A diploma in computer science or related field would give you an extra edge.

Internet Product Manager Salary

Salary is usually commensurate with experience and qualification, it could be anywhere range between $5000 to $7500 per month.

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