Internet Security Job description

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Internet Security Job Profile & Description

An Internet Security officer was initially used principally inside the internal information technology function to designate the individual responsible for computer and IT security. However, due to the unrelenting importance of client privacy and information security, the position of an Internet Security and disaster recovery manager in the online industry has become very essential. An internet security manager reports to the senior information executive office.

Responsibilities and Duties

  1. This is the overall security executive in the institution.
  2. Overseeing and coordinating security efforts in the company, including IT, legal, human resources, facilities management communications, and other groups
  3. Identifying security initiatives and standards
  4. Responsible for the entire security posture both physical and digital of the organization
  5. Responsible for delivering better security at lower cost.
  6. Serves as an information security consultant in the company
  7. Documenting security procedures and policies created by the Information Security Committee
  8. Providing direct oversight and training to all employees, alliances, affiliate marketing partners and other third parties
  9. Performing information security risk assessments
  10. Acting as a liaison to Information Systems
  11. Monitoring compliance with information security procedures and policies and referring problems to the department manager
  12. Advising the organization with latest information about information security technologies
  13. Preparing the disaster recovery plan
  14. Chairing the Information Security Committee
  15. Serves as an internal auditor for security issues in the organization
  16. Monitoring the internal control systems to ensure appropriate access levels are upheld

Skills and specifications

Attention to detailing

Ability to work with minimum supervision

Education and Qualifications

At least – B.Sc. Degree in Computer science or an equivalent in a related field

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