Java-Internet Developer Job Description

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Java-Internet Developer Job Profile and Description

What would the internet be without Java? It would be appropriate to describe the situation as a tree without leaves! Yes, Java is really that important. Java is required for most of the applet or application oriented tasks that we do online. Internet games won’t work without them, speech programs, sound programs, animated videos and almost everything on the internet needs Java in some form or the other. Even mobile applications need java to work properly. As a Java internet developer you’d be responsible for developing web applications that run on Java.

Java-Internet Developer Job Duties and Responsibilities

  • Depending on the assignment in hand you’d be required to develop, test and launch applications based on Java.
  • Java is a programming language so you also need to understand what kind of an application would go well with a particular site or portal. You might also be required to develop mobile based application softwares.

Java-Internet Developer Job Skills and Specifications

  • As a Java internet developer you’d be expected to design and develop applications for different web sites. An application could also be independent of a site and be used as an integral part of some other program.
  • You’d be required to have a thorough understanding of telephony systems, speech software, security systems and electronic signatures etc.

Java-Internet Developer Job Education and Qualifications

  • As a Java developer you’d be required to have skills in Java and other educational requirements are not much. A high school diploma should suffice.
  • It goes without saying that you should have a diploma in Java development and also have a thorough understanding of computers and the web in general.

Java-Internet Developer Manager Salary

  • All software and program developers are highly paid after you have some good experience. Salary could be $5000 monthly.

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