Multimedia Developer Job Description

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Multimedia Developer Profile and Description

Multimedia is a common name given to a set of programs that make animation and related stuff like special effects possible. Multimedia experts are in very high demand in the web sphere today and if you know how to make those drawings on storyboard move and talk in a way that people would love to pay for, you would be the most sought after person in your city. The scopes are immense and the application of multimedia extends from design studios to tinsel town. It’s just that you should be able to impress the viewer with larger than life effects. It takes a couple of years, before one could call himself a multimedia developer, but it’s worth the effort because you’d not only enjoy working in your own creative space, but also enjoy the immense rewards offered to multimedia artists or developers by different companies.

Multimedia Developer Duties and Responsibilities

  • As a multimedia developer you’d need to have high level design skills and also need to be proficient in graphics and animation software.
  • You’d have to have an excellent understanding of various shapes and dimensions and be able to put on board excellent drawings just at the drop of a hat.
  • You might not be expected to know the tricks and tips of web designing, but you need to understand that many websites do use multimedia on them and such things need to be done carefully because search engines don’t seem to be able to consider them as content.

Multimedia Developer Job Skills and Specifications

  • You’d have to be an excellent team player and be able to submit developed end products within specified time frames.
  • As a developer you need to have an eye for detailing, because you cannot afford to start over again at the end of a job to rectify a small flaw.

Multimedia Developer Job Education and Qualifications

You need to have good experience in multimedia development and also a diploma in animation or multimedia is essential.

Multimedia Developer Salary

A good developer could earn approx $15k monthly.

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