Search engine Marketing Job description

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Search engine Marketing Job Profile & Description

Search engine marketing professionals develop marketing campaigns using the defined key words and terms that are related to their client’s products or services to encourage internet sales. By understanding their client’s desires and goals, search engine marketers can produce and deliver vastly effective campaigns with direct and measurable effect on sales figures.

Responsibilities and Duties

  1. Work with the technical and sales team to address client concerns
  2. Support management to create and uphold client satisfaction necessitated by professional and consistent communication.
  3. Regularly bringing new web site content enhancements, including surveys and tools
  4. Identifying areas of potential e-marketing to improve client experience
  5. Conducting customer surveys and reporting results to the management
  6. Managing a marketing budget devoted to increasing traffic and delivering a revenue plan
  7. Clear understanding of competitive environment to position and differentiate clients’ sites successfully
  8. Create and manage professional relationships with partners to optimize opportunities for exposure on their sites and drive revenue and traffic
  9. Always be ahead of the competition by leveraging the best web analytics software and conducting external research to transform powerful insights into sales

Educational and professional knowledge

  • Should possess computer skills and knowledge in operating systems, browsers, word processing, databases and spreadsheets
  • Basic web programming languages and techniques is essential
  • College degree in a computer related field
  • Knowledge on e-marketing, search engine optimization and internet sales
  • Should possess excellent in verbal and written communication
  • Must have the ability to professionally deal with stressful situations
  • Strong interpersonal skills and positive attitude
  • Strong analytical skills
  • Ability to convert large quantities of consumer data strategies that will increase traffic, engagement and up revenues
  • Natural leadership skills to effectively lead the development of web site communication campaigns across the internet

Skills and specifications

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