Web Advertising Manager Job Description

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Web Advertising Manager Profile and Description

The web space survives on advertising. It’s true that most sites sell something or the other to keep the business running, but not all sites sell stuff for money i.e. all are not e-commerce sites; there are many sites out there who make a living by sharing valuable information with the users. The question is how do they make money just by sharing information for free? The answer is simple – if the site gets reasonable amounts of traffic, it could generate considerable income from advertising. Advertisers would get exposure to the surfers and in return pay for the rented space on the site. As a web advertising manager you’d be responsible for generating revenue through advertising on the web sites.

Web Advertising Manager Duties and Responsibilities

  • This is a managerial position, so you’d not be expected to do everything all by yourself; you’d have a team of web marketing professionals to assist you with the assignments, but the overall responsibility of revenue generation lies with you.
  • You need to understand the different ways to bring traffic to your site. That actually is the key role apart from negotiating with advertisers regarding price. If you can effectively bring more and more traffic to your site, selling ad space wouldn’t be that difficult.
  • You’ve got to be a team player and good in communicating with your team and clients.

Web Advertising Manager Job Skills and Specifications

  • Basic web marketing skills are necessary.
  • You need to have ideas about content writing also, because content plays an important role and you need to have a good grip on that also.

Web Advertising Manager Job Education and Qualifications

A management degree in marketing is necessary.

Web Advertising Manager Salary

A good web marketing advertising manager can draw approx $7500 monthly.

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