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Web Designer

Web designers are responsible for day-to-day website design and its creation and implementation. Web design skills are essential in every industry now as the market drifts to the internet. The web designer is not only a programmer, but an artist as well who must create visually appealing but functional sites.

Job description of a Web Designer

  1. Translating a client’s informational or marketing content into a functional website.
  2. Designing Web sites and ensuring that they are easy to access and visually effective
  3. Determining all necessary coding requirements for the site creation including forms, e-commerce capability and specialized scripts
  4. Writing Web pages in a combination of codes such as JavaScript, HTML, and Flash
  5. Developing templates of approved website layout.
  6. Coordinating with programmers and graphic designers for specialized scripts, Integrating verbal and graphical content with site design and posting completed site to internet server and search engines
  7. Making changes to the site and updating current information on web pages as directed by client.
  8. Testing websites for functionality and as per user requirements.

Other Duties

  • Advising the executive on the information and categories required to construct the web site.
  • Taking part in the preliminary planning of the Web site, meeting and discussing ideas related to the layout and organization of the site, color types or images to be used

Skills / Attributes Required

1.       An Art, Design or Media based diploma or Degree

2.       Ability to Hand Code with HTML and other languages

3.       Strong knowledge of JavaScript, Photoshop, Dreamweaver and Flash for designing

4.       In depth knowledge of up to date web-design trends and techniques

5.       Excellent communication skills and attention to detail

6.       A versatile attitude with ability to work in a small team

7.       Open mind and artistic creative mind

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