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Web Manager Profile and Description

The name of the job itself suggests what all things you need to be able to handle in this role. This is more of a broad job description and as a web manager you’d be responsible for developing strategies to monetize web sites efficiently. You need to understand different aspects of web design, user interfaces, monetizing techniques and web promotion strategies. At the end of the day it’s you who would be held responsible for business. As a web manager you’d have to have excelling understanding of web marketing, concepts of e-commerce and web content. When it comes to the web, there’s no fool proof strategy to guarantee traffic and business for a site. Hard work and sincere efforts, excellent marketing, excellent designs and intelligent content can pave the way for success. You need to have thorough understanding of all these concepts.

Web Manager Duties and Responsibilities

  • You would be expected to interact properly with all those departments working on the web site. You basically need to behave as an entrepreneur and be responsible for the overall business generated.
  • Understanding of web traffic demographics is essential because if you don’t have traffic, you can’t do business – it’s as simple as that.
  • To understand the ways to bring traffic, you need to have concepts of design, content and marketing up your sleeve.

Web Manager Job Skills and Specifications

  • You need to have excellent communication skills and also web marketing and SEO skills.
  • You’d have to have human resource management skills also to efficiently manage people, working in the project.

Web Manager Job Education and Qualifications

You need to have a minimum bachelor’s degree in management, preferably in marketing and also experience in handling office administration gives an extra edge.

Web Manager Salary

An experienced web manager can draw easily $6500 monthly.

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