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Writer Job Profile & Description

Writers develop a wide variety of creative forms of writing including poetry, prose, theater material, and screen and radio scripts. Writers also create the content for magazines, websites or newspapers. Most writers work freelance but they often have to support themselves through employment, such as lecturing, teaching, editing or other roles in publishing.

Responsibilities and Duties

  • Selects content subject based on public or personal interest, or commissioned by an agent or publisher
  • Verifies the factual content of written work
  • Develops the technical expertise of writing and maintaining creativity
  • Uses literary skills to develop storylines and themes, whilst making plots and characters believable
  • submits material for publication in the expected and required format
  • Liaise with agents, publishers, producers, script editors, and directors in developing content
  • Appears at public book signings and readings
  • Maintains and updates training courseware, online documentation, course catalogs and multimedia presentations

Other duties

  • Conducts interviews for new upcoming writers
  • Undertakes research, including places, plot-lines, characters and themes
  • Indexes and cross-references documents such as manuals and bulletins

Skills and specifications

  • Time management skills
  • Self-discipline, good financial management and self-employment skills to organize writing
  • Ability to maintain an active interest in a specific genre over a long time
  • Working to beat tight deadlines
  • Ability to present information within strict format and accuracy requirements
  • Ability to deliver both as part of a project-team and autonomously
  • Be an active and open-minded learner

Education and Qualifications

  • A bachelor degree or high school diploma is essential.
  • High proficiency in English (reading, writing and understanding)
  • Basic computer and IT skills, desktop and online publishing
  • Knowledge of word processing software is very necessary
  • Internet and research skills gives an added advantage.

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