AVP Director SAP Systems Management Job Description

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AVP/Director – SAP Systems Management Job Profile and Description

The SAP Enterprise Resource Planning systems have a number of modules supporting various functions like Sales, Accounting, Inventory Management, HR, Web support, Data Mining and others, each of which can require a dedicated administrator. For large companies with a complete or nearly complete SAP implement, the AVP/Director – SAP Systems Management provides the synergistic leadership and oversight to all SAP administrators to ensure they all work in accordance with corporate business objectives.

AVP/Director – SAP Systems Management Duties and Responsibilities

  • Oversee the running and partitioning of mainframe systems to allow virtual machine operation to support various corporate wide systems in one physical machine.
  • Coordinate 3rd party SAP solution partners and consultants for new developments in SAP applications and project management disciplines.
  • Conduct and preside over regular department meetings on all aspects of SAP implantation, performance and issues to ensure a good handle on any user concerns
  • Ensure that test, development and production servers are adequately at any time for user transaction volume requirements.
  • Approve the hardware, networking and system upgrades for any of the SAP modules to support users.

AVP/Director – SAP Systems Management Skills and Specifications

  • Should possess administrative competence to oversee centralized or departmental system implementation
  • Should possess excellent communication, negotiation and interpersonal skills
  • Should possess excellent organizational, leadership, supervisory and managerial skills

AVP/Director – SAP Systems Management Education and Qualifications

  • A Bachelor’s degree in computer engineering or management is required while a masters degree or MBA is ideal
  • At least 15-17 years of experience in managing distributed or centralized computing resources with the last 8-10 years devoted to SAP is an advantage

AVP/Director – SAP Systems Management Salary

The annual salary of an AVP/Director for SAP Systems Management varies according to industry, extent of operation, number of SAP modules implemented, state as well as holder’s qualification. In general, the position can command as much as $215,000 annually from large companies with total SAP implantation.

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