Computer Programmer Job Description

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Computer programmer job description and profile

Different operations require different kinds of software and many software applications are customized to meet the requirements of a particular client. A computer programmer is a person who develops these software applications as per the need of the project. He also tests the software to ensure that it works efficiently for all requirements. Programmers are required in all fields that use computers.

Computer programmer duties and responsibilities

  • Creating a step by step program, which when executed, runs as per the requirement of the client
  • Meet with clients and understand their requirements precisely
  • Write trial programs and test them for errors
  • Correct errors if any and work on the final software that will be handed over to the client
  • Keep in touch with the performance of the software and write upgrades if needs of the clients expand
  • Monitor and regularly test all software applications in the company
  • Work towards making the software compatible with different platforms so that it can be used by a wider number of people
  • May have to lead a team of programmers or work as a team member
  • May have to take up training of fresh entrants
  • Be in the know-how about latest developments in the programming industry and learn about updates

Computer programmer skills and specifications

  • A thorough knowledge regarding computer programming languages
  • Ability to understand and write programs that precisely meet the needs of the client
  • High level of accuracy and a keen eye for detail
  • Outstanding troubleshooting skills to solve problems in the software
  • Outstanding communication skills
  • High level of creativity to think new approaches to software development
  • Ability to work under stress and submit work within deadlines
  • Ability to regularly upgrade programming skills
  • Outstanding team spirit

Computer programmer education and qualification

A bachelor’s degree in computer science and engineering or information technology

Computer programmer salary

  • Programmers earn high salaries based on their expertise
  • Salary ranges between $75,000 and $145,000 per year

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