Computer Software Job description

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Computer Software Job Profile & Description

Many individuals in the computer software field should have at least bachelor’s degree in a software related field. Employers look for applicants with a wide range of knowledge, skills and abilities with a diversity of computer technologies and systems. Students with aspirations of working in the computer software field can up their marketability by participating in co-ops or internships. Most software vendors offer certification programs, but they are not enough to acquire most jobs in this field.

Responsibilities and Duties

  • Studying the needs of computer users then designing software to counter those needs.
  • Developing computer software programs designed for special utility or general computer applications.
  • Coordinating the requirements of divisions in a organization and contributing suggestions for the general technical direction to setup, expand and maintain the organization’s computer infrastructure
  • Improving computer systems already in use
  • Analyzing tasks and applying techniques of engineering, computer science and mathematical analysis to develop with the most suited program.
  • Instructing computer programmers in writing computer programs and assist when they encounter a problem
  • Testing the computer system for problems and examining it for errors in data or logic.
  • Meeting with clients and designers to get to understand the scope of projects before starting to design a program.
  • Designing computer software depending on a client’s present and future needs.
  • Configuring, implementing and installing computer systems for clients and organizations

Skills and specifications

  • Passion for computer systems and software
  • Multi-tasking skills
  • Ability to communicate effectively and present ideas.
  • Outstanding verbal and written communication skills
  • Creative thinking
  • Strong problem solving and analytical skills
  • Outstanding sense of pacing and timing
  • Ability to fit and work well with team members or as an individual
  • Dedication to carry on with their training and education
  • Ability to pay attention to detail

Education and Qualifications

B.Sc. in Computer Software and related field e.g. Software Engineering, Programming or system design

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