Computer Systems Hardware Analyst Job Description

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Computer systems hardware analyst job description and profile

The job of a computer systems hardware analyst is to study the requirements of the organization regarding computers and recommending the best purchase combinations to the management. The job involves meeting with people from various divisions and understanding their specific requirements, analyzing the entire data as a whole, including financial implications and finally coming up with a recommendation that satisfies the requirements within the least possible budget.

Computer systems hardware analyst duties and responsibilities

  • Analyzing the current computer systems in the organization and their output such as services offered and operations possible
  • Comparing the output with requirement and suggesting the best possible course forward
  • Meeting project managers and understanding the requirements of the project
  • Use software to arrive at conclusions regarding the computer hardware scenario of the organization
  • Estimating the current and future requirements
  • Monitor the functioning of the systems
  • Recommend upgrading the systems based on data collected from survey, studying the pros and cons about the hardware systems available in the market and compatibility with required software
  • Maintain organized records of all surveys
  • Present the report before organization management
  • Keep upgrading knowledge regarding hardware systems in the market to make Excellent analysis and recommendation
  • May also have to make a study and recommend hardware accessories

Computer systems hardware analyst skills and specifications

  • Outstanding analytical skill is the basic requirement of the job
  • Excellent observation skills and mathematical knowledge
  • Sound knowledge about statistics
  • Excellent computer skills to use for analysis
  • Outstanding knowledge about computer hardware systems, type of systems available and pros and cons of various hardware systems
  • Excellent communication, logic and writing skills
  • Outstanding troubleshooting skills

Computer systems hardware analyst education and qualification

  • At least a bachelor’s degree in computer systems followed by 4-6 years of experience in programming and/or computer networking or related field

Computer systems hardware analyst salary

  • Salary ranges widely based on place of work and experience
  • Salary range is $50,000 to $100,000 annually

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