Data Architect Job Description

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Data Architect Job Profile and Description

A data architect performs the role of a data modeler and beyond by preparing database models and planning their development. The oversight of the team working on data structure and design is done by him as he takes the leading position in the team. He is the technical resource of data planning and has to see into the database performance along with its lapses. For that he has to conduct critical evaluation and review of the structure to form data integration. The role includes studying the industry standards and directions on the basis of which he controls and executes the data model. He ensures that the proposals given in favor of database optimization are correctly executed.

Data Architect Duties and Responsibilities

The duties of the data architect have been listed in the following:

  • Identifies the probable sources of emergence of data and drafts them into consumable and resourceful designs
  • Installs and configures data source systems apart from planning alternatives
  • Holds meetings with stakeholders and technical workers to discuss application requirements
  • Introduces solutions to database faults with database tools
  • Provides deliberate guidance to higher officials in technical aspects
  • Implements new data standards other than revising existing standards
  • Plans integration of latest technologies to build advanced models
  • Ensures that the configured designs conform to the blueprints
  • Cultivates metadata policies besides metadata structures and procedures

Data Architect Skills and Specifications

The following skills and specifications draw a picture of the requirements essential for the job:

  • Fervent interpersonal skills to mediate team members, resolve conflicts, create consensus, interact with foreign DBAs and lead others
  • Rendition skills to decode technical terminologies into simple, comprehensible language for non-technical staff
  • Ability to understand data incompatibility and develop elimination systems
  • Skill in logical and physical data modeling to create efficient data infrastructure
  • Computer skills for managing computer-software
  • Writing skill to produce written reports of condition, risks and operations involved in a project

Data Architect Education and Qualifications

Educations forms a significant part of a data architect’s professional credential as he has to pass the following:

  • A bachelors degree in Computer Science or related discipline
  • Masters degree in database management
  • Associated learning in SQL, PL/SQL, Data Warehousing
  • Training experience in Informatics, ETL tools, BPM

Data Architect Salary

The average monthly salary range lies between $75,000 and $90,000

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