Intermediate Web Developer Job Description

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Intermediate Web Developer Job Profile and Description

An intermediate web developer plays the role of a producer, creating and formatting information online. He takes the initiative to gather appropriate information and create a meaningful design by coordinating with online service companies. He has to have sufficient knowledge about web systems as he has to understand the technical requirements, database designs, customers’ requirement prototypes, detect structural and procedural deficiencies in the system and test the applicability of data models. It is totally computer based and the job demands excessive use of computer resources from Office tools to websites. The role does not end in just that. The person has to understand the necessity of information type and decide on its coding agenda.

Intermediate Web Developer Duties and Responsibilities

An outline of the tasks and duties of an intermediate web developer is provided here:

  • Reviews information sources to obtain condensed and impactful data for compilation
  • Translates database concepts into tangible systems of information
  • Pilots and mediates smaller teams of web developers
  • Documents systematic information on data handling to create user manual
  • Corrects errors and fills deficiencies in the infrastructure with proper solutions and strategies
  • Tests current performance and working standards of the web
  • Participates in interview sessions to hire new employees
  • Develops XSL sheets and XML schemes
  • Works on customer server and internet architecture

Intermediate Web Developer Skills and Specifications

The skills qualifying one for working as an intermediate web developer are:

  • Leadership skill to coordinate team members proactively
  • Programming and language skill in at least one computer language (HTML, JAVA, PHP, CSS, JSP) to handle software programs and technological aspects of web development
  • Communication skill for easy and effective communication and comprehension
  • Writing skill to create and compile information about business correspondence
  • Customer management skill works well to foresee customer needs and project solutions
  • Ability to conceive and rationalize to bring about innovation and improvement
  • Artistic skill and visual aesthetics

Intermediate Web Developer Education and Qualifications

The educational background of an intermediate web developer integrates the following degrees:

  • A Bachelors in Computer Science or web designing is required
  • Diploma in Information Technology or web development is essential
  • Certificate degree in web services is preferred
  • Hands-on training in website management and web designing

Intermediate Web Developer Salary

The average monthly salary of an intermediate web developer is $70,000 which again varies greatly due to external conditions.

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