IT Support Technician Job Description

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IT Support Technician Job Description

Job Description

The position of an IT support technician includes working with the end-user, infrastructure support and maintenance. An IT support technician answers to the Director of IT services if there is one in the company. Recruiters in the IT industry looking for IT support technicians seek people with good written and spoken communication skills, good typing speed (50 words per minute and more) and the ability to troubleshoot multifaceted problems in a systematic manner.

A bachelor’s degree in any field of IT is sufficient for this position. Recruiters will be more interested in your ability to express your knowledge in the practices, concepts and procedures that are necessary within this field.

Duties and Responsibilities

An IT support technician will be expected to:

  • Diagnose software and hardware problems
  • Train staff and faculty in IT
  • Be ready to assist faculty and staff with IT related problems when called upon
  • Track, prioritize and document requests using an IT support request system
  • Install and configure new computers and other IT equipment
  • Repair and upgrade different types of computers (software and hardware)
  • Identify problems and repair printers, copiers and scanners
  • Keep track of IT supplies and equipment e.g. cables and adapters
  • Perform regular updates of servers
  • Install cables in the company
  • Research and learn about new software in the market that relates to the company’s functions
  • Document systems
  • Build cables for the company

An IT support technician must be a person who enjoys learning new things and solving problems at all levels. They must be able to communicate well and interact well with other employees.

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